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Practice Better from the Ground Up.

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Pitching Mat

 Golfers deserve

love too.

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 Muscle Memory

Train a consistent stance and stride to muscle memory that transfers to on field success.

 Easier Instruction

A labeled grid creates easy coaching for parents, coaches, and trainers.

 Instant Feedback

Players can check their feet to break bad habits and fine tune their fundamentals.

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Pitching Coach

What are people saying?

"The StrideRight is an exceptional new tool for ballplayers both young and old.  This tool will give you feedback both on the hitting & pitching side, without the need of a coach.  I highly recommend this product to the player ready to fine tune his fundamentals."  -Skylar Meade. SEC head pitching coach for South Carolina Gamecocks

Become a better Athlete.

Hitting and pitching start from the ground up.

Power and balance comes from your legs.

StrideRightMats help you create a more consistent stance and stride.

Hitting Mat Instruction

StrideRight Hitting Mat "Beginning Hitter" Training.

StrideRight Hitting Mat "Elite Hitter"