Our mats are designed to turn anyone into a coach or trainer. The intuitive labeled grid system allows anyone to visually communicate training improvements faster and more effectively leading to higher valued training time and quicker results.


As a hitter, we recommend working with a fellow player, parent, coach, or trainer to first find your right ground setup. This includes

  • Plate positioning: Your feet placement in relation to home plate.  

  • Stance: Your feet placement in relation to one another. 

  • Stride:  Your stride is how you create momentum by moving your front foot and triggering your swing.

Once you've found your proper setup, it's time to build it into a habit by repeating practice drills until the movement becomes muscle memory.


For more information about plate positioning, stance and stride, check out our training system.  

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Beginning Hitter

SALE $99 + Free Shipping

Advanced Hitter

SALE $209 + Free Shipping

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Elite Hitter

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  • Age: 12 & Under

  • Size: 4 Feet by 6.5 Feet

  • Material: 350 Nylon Loop Surface and Rubber Carpet Padding 

  • Our Recommendation: This mat is for light training work for young kids. This mat is more of a training tool, and less of a traditional hitting mat.  

  • For Use On: Ideally used indoors and always on flat surfaces. Our customers find this mat lightweight and portable, moving it outdoors for brief periods of time. Not meant to be left outdoors. 

SH5000(1)(Sweet) (1)_edited.png


  • Age: 8 - 18 Years Old

  • Size: 5.5 Feet by 7.5 Feet

  • Material: 600 Nylon Loop Surface and Anti-Slip Rubber Backing 

  • Our Recommendation: This mat is for the advanced hitter, coaches and trainers looking for a portable mat.

  • For Use On: Ideally used in garages on short turf, batting cages, wooden gym floor, and concrete. 



  • Age: All Ages

  • Size: 6 Feet by 10.5 Feet, 10mm Thick

  • Material: 600 Nylon Loop Surface + 7mm Added Anti-Slip Turf Padding 

  • Our Recommendation: This mat is for institutional style setups.       At 55 LBS, this mat is not meant to be moved around and is our version of the traditional large turf hitting mats. 

  • For Use On: Ideally used in garages on short and long turf, batting cages, wooden gym floors, and concrete.