• IMPROVE YOUR SWING: Better Baseball/Softball starts from the ground up. Focusing on the fundamentals can lead to increased power, contact, and on-base opportunities.
  • BUILD CONSISTENCY: Reinforce habits by committing stance and stride to muscle memory for lasting improvements.
  • BOOST CONFIDENCE: Consistent plate positioning can help you hit the ball harder and more often leading to increases in batting average.
  • PERFECT TRAINING: The patented labeled grid system allows for instant visual feedback and increased learning with or without a coach or parent present.
  • ANTI-SLIP TECHNOLOGY: Our newly designed twisted nylon fiber material and durable rubber backing exhibits extraordinary strength and anti-slip technology. Great for indoor and outdoor flat surfaces.

Baseball/Softball Youth Hitting Mat | Kids Stance and Swing Trainer

$129 Regular Price
$109Sale Price
  • Better hitting and pitching starts from the ground up. The Stride Right Mat helps players and coaches find and identify areas in the stance and stride that can be adjusted and improved.  Once you find success in your foundational footwork, the patented grid training system helps players repeatedly practice that successful movement. Our mats provide instant visual feedback allowing easy instruction.


    Stride Right Mats was founded by a former D1 college baseball player Derek Locascio. In 2015, he spent the summer helping out with youth baseball programs. It was there where he first realized the lack of consistent stance and stride. Already having realized the benefits of proper foot positioning, Derek set out to create a training aid to help others improve.


    For beginning players, our mats will help players identify and master the basics of plate positioning, stance and stride. Our indoor and outdoor pitching mats, with our custom pitching lanes and pitching foot box, will help you to improve your throwing skills. And our hitting mats line up with the pitching mat acting as a throwing target for pitchers. 


    For more experienced players, our mats can be used as a way to measure current successes and make minor adjustments leading to greater pitching and hitting training. Our pitching mats line up with the hitting mats acting as a softball/baseball strike zone mat and throwing aid. 


    The inability to master fundamental skills is the primary reason kids leave the game. At Stride Right Mats, our goal is to create valuable baseball and softball training aids allowing kids to learn and improve their skills giving them greater success and keeping them in the game longer.


    We are constantly evaluating and improving our baseball and softball training equipment. We are working to bring more swing and hitting trainers, pitching nets, pitching targets and pitching mounds. We stand by our products and will do our best to create and deliver innovative training aids.